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It's the Super Cool Losers! ... and we're geocaching!

This is a community for the members of the Super Cool Losers.
We are mainly comprised of:

Dylan- mannard
Sarah- no_sprinkles
David- au_hell

I'm not sure if we're taking new members, but anyone is more than welcome to watch!
A "member" is someone who comes geocaching with us, if you'd like to join us on one of our adventures, just drop us a line and we would love to have you! (We are all in the SF Bay Area around the San Carlos-Palo Alto area)

The purpose of this community is for the Super Cool Losers to write about the adventures we go on, the caches we find, and help people who are looking for caches in the bay area (or looking for caches in general). Please ask questions and we'll try and answer!!

We'll mostly be posted about the adventures we go on (hopefully with pictures), the caches we find without each other, and other random things.


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